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Crazy Talk

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Fire Ruff? Come on...I love these people who think by firing one of the best coaches in the NHL you somehow make Derek Roy a better player. We have seen these guys sell us "next year" and excuses for how many years now?

It is time for Pegula to make good on his promise and make the necessary changes to get this team closer to a Stanley Cup. And he has to do so by telling Darcy Regier to not overvalue the players he has for years waited on to develop into leaders.

First on my list is Derek Roy. We keep hearing how he narrowly missed the Olympic team and how he has all the tools to be a top line center and leader. Last I checked he is on the second line (both even strength and PP), and ranks 50th in points per game for centers. That means he is behind all starting centers in addition to more than half of the 2nd line centers in the league. He needs to take his "potential" elsewhere, and I would even entertain not getting "equal" value back for him. Consider it addition by subtraction, and have Paul "CHEWY" Szczechura take his place in the lineup. You also free up cap space to make a better move.

Second, the Sabres need to seriously consider throwing everything they possibly can at a guy like Jarome Iginla, Eric Staal, or Rick Nash. I am looking for guys who are leaders, who know how to put the puck in the net, and who are not afraid to get a little dirty in the process. I know this is where people start laughing, but seriously, what do Sabres fans have left? How much longer do you want to see the "C" on a guy like Pommer? Sure, I would like to get both a top line center and captain in the same deal, but "Rome wasn't built in a day".

Now obtaining guys like these will take some effort, but besides say Vanek and Myers, who are you really unwilling to part with? I'd hate to lose Kassian, but if he was needed to get one of these guys above would it really be all that bad? Same with Miller. I think he can be great given a better team in front of him, but look at all the teams currently in playoff spots that struggle with goaltending. I'll take any one of these guys and Enroth over name any Sabre other than Vanek/Myers and Miller any day.

So Sabres' nation, what say you? Do you really think a coaching change is necessary, or replacing the "CORE" issues?
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