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NHL Power Poll

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In honour of the original sports guy Bill Simmons and on the eve of the World Jrs we introduce the 1st Canadian Sports Guys NHL Power Poll of the season.

The John Tavares Division
30-Tampa Bay Lightning SEEN STAMKOS?
One thing is for sure about this Lightning team, Barry Melrose or Janet Jones-Gretzky wont have any money riding on them anytime soon.
29-NY Islanders
Not a good sign when Rick Dipietro was recently seen discussing replacement hips with Bo Jackson. Wait, this hasnt happened yet? Dont worry Isle fans, it will before his contract ends in 2021
28-Atlanta Thrashers
Thank Matt Ryan for another few weeks of anonymity
27-Ottawa Senators
No need to wait for this 8 game road trip to end, go ahead and pick up a Viktor Hedman Sens jersey for Christmas, then you can have him autograph it in a couple days,or in these weak economic times, just give the Sens fans in your life a brown paper bag.
26-St Louis Blues
All Blues personnel would like to extend Seasons Greetings to Marc Bulger and the St Louis Rams for being an even bigger disappointment
The Marc Im not a coach anymore nor should I ever be again after sitting Gretzky in the Shootout Crawford Division
25-Dallas Stars
Morrow, Avery, Hull, Brunnstrom, Turco, Modano,lots of news, lots of quotes, but just abysmal special teams,Until the Avery situation is finalized, this team isnt going anywhere.
24-Colorado Avalanche
The good news, Paul Stastny is signed for the next 4 years, The bad news-Ryan Smyth is an $18.75 million cap hit over the 1st 3 of those years.
23-LA Kings
Drew Doughty is the NHLs best kept secret right now.Jack Johnson, Patrick OSullivan, Dustin Brown, and Anze Kopitar are all 23 or under.and lets not forget Thomas Hickey & Colton Teubert on Team Canada right now.This team isnt far from entering the Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls era,lets just hope they dont follow that with the Lindsay Lohan Coke era
22-Columbus Blue Jackets
With Brassard now out, this team needs to do something quick. Their best bargaining chip, Pascal Leclaire. Its time to enter the Steve dont call me chris Mason era. Give Nash someone to play with.whats the worst that could happen, you miss the playoffs again?
1st Round Fodder or No Mans Land?
21-Edmonton Oilers
Same old story for the Oilers, but wasnt this supposed to be a new era.Arent they supposed to be loaded with offensive talent? maybe its time we send Mac-T to a press box near you.
20-Toronto Maple Leafs
The goods news-John Tavares could well end up in Ontario
The bad news-Its more likely to be in Ottawa at this point
The surprising news-at this rate even Jason Blake might be tradable
19-Florida Panthers
Leading candidate to be 2009s most overpaid free agent, ladies & gentlemen, Craig Anderson
18-Minnesota Devils errr Wild
Dont expect the Wild to bow down to Backstrom or Gaborik as they approach free agency, but they need to be taken care of, because people will notice in Tubbytown just as soon as the Vikings complete their collapse
17-Nashville Predators
Its too bad nobody cares about you Nashville, because theyre missing out on the best young defenceman in the game, now if only Lidstrom would retire, your Norris trophy winner, Shea Weber.
16-Buffalo Sabres
Well at least you have Ryan Miller locked up
15-Carolina Hurricanes
Rod BrindAmour has officially entered the Vincent Chase Medellin stage of his career, but I dont see Paul Maurice being his Martin Scorsese.
14-Phoenix Coyotes
Quietly sitting in a playoff spot, Gretzky might be ready to make his playoff coaching debut, but the Yotes could still prorogue it for another year
Playoffs yes,Cup no
13-Anaheim Ducks
Giggy is killing my fantasy team,Selanne is now out for an extended period of time,and Giggy is killing my fantasy team. A 1st round upset maybe, but this team isnt going deep with one scoring line.Its like a movie with only Will Smith and some zombies, disaster
12-New York Rangers
Dont let their points fool you, they just play more than everyone else.like Everybody Loves Raymond reruns, they can be entertaining, but are you ever going to mistake them for The Red Wings or The Office.I didnt think so
11-Vancouver Canucks
Dont give me the we have Mats Sundin argument, he doesnt get to play Ottawa in the West playoffs
10-New Jersey
Lets not rule them out yet, but until Marty is back at 100 percent,youll have a better chance seeing JP Losman getting another NFL contract than the Devils winning the cup.
9-Calgary Flames
Have they missed their window with Kipper? Can the depth score in the playoffs? Will Bertuzzi take a series ending dumb penalty to finish their year ala 2006 Olympics?
Matt My Numbers Are Good But Am I Cassel
8-Chicago Blackhawks
Back on TV, back in the playoffs.back of the line for another year just yet.They are this years Blake Lively,oh you dont know her yet,you will,very soon
7-Montreal Canadians
You know theyre going to do something in their 100th anniversary, Sundin is gone, Could Forsberg join the Red White and Bleu, je pense que Oui
6-Boston Bruins
I dont expect much flack for this as most Bruins fans have long left for greener pastures and are just now getting their tickets for the bandwagon once again. Cam Neely is proving to be the best money spent by the Bruins as Lucic is gaining popularity faster than a Kim Kardashian video.
5-Philadelphia Flyers
I love their 18 skaters. end transmission
Lloyd So youre telling me theres a chance Christmas
4-Washington Capitals
Lets all keep our fingers crossed for Semin/Ovechkin vs Crosby/Malkin, the most anticipated foursome not including Jesse Jane or Alexis Texas of 2009.
3-San Jose Sharks
Unless someone else knocks off the Wings, its like watching a Kenny vs Spenny episode. Spenny might win a challenge here or there, but you know Kenny (the Wings) is going to come out on top more times than not, finding a way to win the war.
2-Pittsburgh Penguins
A little high you might say, but you cant buy experience, with last years playoffs, and Goligoski and Letang getting big time minutes and still winning, just wait for a fresh Whitney and Gonchar to ignite this team down the stretch.
The Drederick Tatum
1-Detroit Red Wings
Just keep chugging along much like the Simpsons, just when you think they are done, and some other upstart show will finally crush them, they go and make a movie or in the Wings case, sign Hossa and go win another Stanley Cup

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