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Well folks it looks like it will be slow typing for me for a while. While playing in my summer hockey league I broke my right ring finger in two places (a strange thing that could ONLY happen to me). That will be fewer blogs for at least three weeks. However, here is what is running through my head today.

The Oilers offseason plans.

Next to landing a mobile defence power play QB we need a playmaker for Hemsky to succeed. That combined with the potential upfront we should be OK.
The good news is we have a ton of picks and about $21 million to spend against a $49 Million cap. The problem is this may be weak drafts unless we are in the top three spots - at least in terms of helping the team right away.

I hate to sound like a broke record, but every signing we make for the next two years need to involve the stat that, "each of the top four teams in each conference each had two D-men with at least 20 points. Most had three with 20 and/or 1 in the 40 point range."

With this in mind here are my predictions for major moves this off-season.

Draft - Alzner (I would rather Ellerby)
- Lars Eller
- Colton Gillies (again I would prefer an offensive D, but I
can't see it with the depth of this draft.

- Sign L. Nagy (average ROI)
- Lose out on Kariya (Canucks)
- Sign Aaron Miller (bust)
- Re-sign Sykora (Same)
- Lose out on Smyth (Toronto)
- Lose Jason Blake to (LA)
- Sign Bryan Smolinski (good ROI)

What I would love to happen is if we were to compete short term is

Trade for Redden

- Ellerby
- Best Availible Playmaker
- Best Availible Goalie

- Sign Kariya (Good ROI - short-term contract)
- Sign Brad Stuart (good ROI)
- Lose out on Smyth (Toronto - he can't play for us again)
- Sign Brent Sopel (Great ROI)
- Sign Jason Blake (Great ROI)

Either way it will be tough to compete for a while. If we struggle I hope that we are bad enough to have a shot at landing John Tavares.

This is why the Leafs won't win a Cup for another 20 years. In a salary cap league you need to be great or horrid. You need to rebuild with young talent. The type that are in the first three spots of a draft. Get a few of these (there are always busts on the way). Then you need a smart GM to fill holes through Free Agency or Trades.

Everyone points to the Pens big and quick resurgence. This resurgence was the result of no less than three great drafts.

Leaf's Nation will never allow their team to do that badly for that long. There for I expect them to finish between 6th and 10th for the foreseeable future.

That is why I can stand another season of suffering. As long as we make the moves to have it payoff in the end I can live through anything.
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