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o'fallon, MO • United States • 24 Years Old • Male
Okay so i'm not even gonna try to do Eastern Conference because i don't see a lot of their games, and i notice that when people try to do both conferences on this site they really mess up the one they don't watch, anyways im gonna try and give some reasons for my picks but please comment and tell me what you think

1. Calgary Flames
2. Chicago Blackhawks
3. St. Louis Blues
4. Detroit Red Wings
5. Anaheim Ducks
6. San Jose Sharks
7. Vancouver Canucks
8. Columbus Blue Jackets
9. Edmonton Oilers
10. L.A. Kings
11. Minnesota Wild
12. Phoenix Coyotes
13. Colorado Avalanche
14. Nashville Predators
15. Dallas Stars

Allright, so a little explanation, i started from the bottom and worked my way up

Dallas is just not in a good place right now, and stars fans can blame Avery drama but i think it has much more to do with poor decisions from management the non coincidentally are no longer employed, Turco is reaching his end and Ribeiro is the only forward who would scare me offensively, and as of now they have not resigned sergei zubov, who i believe would be a great pickup for any team needing a veteran defensive presence

Nashville- i was surprised they did as well as they did last year, but great coaching has turned a team with few big names into a competitive team, goaltending continues to be a question for the preds

colorado-fallen a long way from where they used to be, and with Sakic gone, i believe they can finally put full force into rebuilding, in my opinion the Avalanche need to start with acquiring a top goaltender, their third overall pick in this years draft looks promising

phoenix-problems off the ice could transfer over, though being sellers last year down the stretch acquiring a lot of firepower, goaltender needed badly

minnesota-im not sure what to think of this team, i admit i am quite ignorant to their current roster, but i feel never really replacing pavol demitra a couple years ago, and gaborik walking away for nothing, its gonna be tough to find guys to build around, anyone with knowledge of this team please comment

l.a- has been rebuilding for about two years, and i think theyll be there next year, but im guessing they and edmonton miss playoffs this year by very few points, promising young goalies, doughty, anze, do they still have frolov?

edmonton-khabibulin a great acquisition this offseason, and with new coaching this team will be an even greater contender this year

columbus blue jackets- playoffs again? hopefully, and with rick nash leading youngsters like brassard and filatov and mason in goal this team will make the playoffs

vancouver- roberto luongo, nuff said, the anchor to this team,his role cannot be overstated, add sedin twins, strong defense, is demitra still under contract? i also like burrows and hodgson should make the team this year, i have them rematching stl in first round of playoffs, would be interesting

sj- could still land heatley, looks like theyre clearing cap space, it all depends on whats going on with marleau and the veterans, setoguchi needs a good year, nabby a top goaltender in this league imo

anaheim ducks-im not so sure about this pick, i believe theyve been quiet this offseason, losing pronger and i dont know if hes been replaced, selanne and niedermayer arent getting any younger, bobby ryan is a badass

detroit- i hate this team with every fiber of my being, but theyre good, need goaltending as osgood is the most overrated goalie in the league imo, lindstrom needs another defenseman to work with as most the d corps sits back and plays the puck instead of the man and get walked a lot, check highlights from last year and a lot are dangles right through detroit, red wing defensive forwards save detroit here, with datsyuk being the best two way player in the game

st louis blues- my team, so im not gonna describe my reasons cuz im obviously biased

chicago blackhaws-also graduating from a rebuild, has good mix of young talent and veteran leadership throughout, with strong coaching and management, toewes continues to impress on every level, second and third lines strong contributors

calgary flames- with i think the best goaltender in the league,dion and jaybo bolstering the d, and iggy leading up front, buyers down the stretch last year with lots of talent, also added Hossa though wont see him at start of season
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