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This is my first ever blog,
Thanks for Reading.

Based on how Toskala has been playing latly, it is fair to see he should go. I for one never like him and think Raycroft should have been our guy.
That aside, a lot of people would like to see Toskala gone.

In the NHL this year, who needs a decent goal tender, and who can afford him, not to mention what kind of return would come to the Leafs.

Lets start with the Obvious:
The New York Islanders have been massacared with goaltender injuries over the last few years. As it stands now the Islanders have almost 8 million available.
The Trade:
To NYI: Toskala, Jamie Sifers
To TOR: NYI 1st '09 (John Tavares)
The Benifits:
Islanders get the goalie they need, and a solid D man in sifers. Toronto gets that oh so important first round pick. (Top 5 pick for sure)
Challenges: Would NYI really want to give up John Tavares?

The senetors are the new Vancover when it comes to being the goalie grave yard. Toskala would be a good fit and is consistant enough to be a definitive number one for ottawa.
The Trade:
To Ottawa; Toskala and Jiri Tulusty
To Toronto; Gerber, 3rd or 4th round pick.
Problem with this: Ottawa's fresh prospect that is Brian Elliot has been playing very well for the team and Hartsburg likes him.
Toronto will Make Gerber the main goaltender or send him to the Marlies to bring back Pogge.

No, i am not on "quack"
J.S. Giguere. I was watching Sportsnet: Leafs Lunch, and it was mentioned that Anaheim is potentially shopping him around. Back-up netminder Jonas Hiller is gaining the skills quickly to be a definitive #1 guy. If this is infact the case, than why not?
To Toronto: J.S. Giguere
To Anaheim: Toskala and possibly a potential 3 or 4th round pick,
Straight swap for two goalies. Neither are superstars this season.
Gigure will be difficult to get, due to his No-Trade clause, as well as his son being dependant on constant medical care. However, Giguere and Burke are close, and Toronto is a city in which it would present an excellent oppoutunity for him to keep his career going. As well, Canada has FREE healthcare, and the best childerens hospital in the world ; The Hospital for Sick Childeren (Sick Kids) It's a long shot, but is a deal that could benifit both teams.

This last one is just a dream/fantacy but it would be amazing to see happen.
I think we should get Steve Mason, and Nik Filiotv into a different shade of blue.
To Toronto: Mason. Filitov
To CBJ: Pogge, Antropov, Second rounder 09, and 2011 first rounder.
I know this is a never going to happen kind of thing, but it doesnt hurt to dream.
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