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I don't ever post but I'd like to point out something nobody has seemed to touch on since Loungo's name as been on the trading block.

Maybe halfway through last season reports began to come out that both the owners and players liked the idea of an amnesty clause in the next cba. Amnesty would allow owners to rid themselves of bad cap hits while the player gets compensated for the remaining value of the contract. Seemed like a win/win for both sides however the idea of amnesty was not mentioned in the owners first offer to the players. Maybe it will be something the players bring up in a counter proposal or maybe it will be something included in a future cba as players and owners focus on things like contract length and Ufa/rfa status. Maybe with the changes in the cba amnesty will not be required.

Which brings me to Loungo. Amnesty could ultimately effect the value and possible return for Vancouver. Loungo is a proven starter with a decent cap hit but the length of his deal makes a trade for Vancouver more of a salary dump them a trade for a NHL all-star. With amnesty a team could trade for Loungo get 5 solid seasons out of him and use amnesty when his play began to decline. No amnesty your stuck with his cap hit unless he decides to retire. Would Loungo fetch a greater return if he had 5 years left on his contract?

So with amnesty the players for Loungo would likely be the same, Toronto, Florida, and Chicago. These teams could use Loungo to bid time to see if any of there young goalies are capable of becoming NHL starters. Loungo would provide dependable goaltending while mentoring a young backstop a la Schneider. If the time comes when a young goalie is ready to take the next step Loungo could be a candidate for amnesty freeing the team of the cap hit while only continuing to pay Loungo a minimal amount as is contract was heavily front loaded.

I am discouraged based off the fact we have not heard of anything amnesty in current cba talks but if there's any chance of an amnesty clause in the next cba trades could be much more interesting.
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