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Dieppe, NB • Canada •
I realize that many players, media and especially fans read Hockeybuzz on a daily basis, and I believe this may be the most efficient way to get this message across.

There is a HUGE difference between the fans and the media, and this was evident this week on the airwaves in Montreal. Jean-Charles Lajoie, a radio commentator on CKAC radio in Montreal managed to OUT-TWIT the 110% TV show by "inventing" a controversy. The message spewed was about how Montreal Fans were outraged that Laraques and Koivu (among others) were absent from the annual Golf Tournament held by the Montreal Canadiens.

First off, I can say with absolute certainty that ANY REAL Canadiens fan couldn't care less about whether or not every player is at that tournament. Very few fans have the opportunity to even go to that tournament.... In fact, the only people who may have an issue with it, are media people because they won't get a chance to ask stupid questions, such as why Koivu hasn't taken French lessons during the off-season. All REAL fans care about is that the players come into camp in shape and ready to go for the most important season in recent history. REAL fans want to win the cup and that's all that matters.

But for insignificant radio hosts, looking to spice up their "little show", they come up with the most idiotic statements that scare players away from Montreal and are in my opinion, the biggest reason why it took 15 years to get out of our funk. Who in their right mind would want to deal with that BS on a daily basis? It takes a special player that can go beyond the verbal diarrhea and realize what the Canadiens and their fans have to offer... We happen to have a full compliment of these players right now and I respect each and every one of them. Hopefully we can add another in the not too distant future...but that's another blog.

My message to players and hockey people..and fans around the league, please note that REAL Canadiens fans don't care if you speak French, English, Swedish, Chinese...don't care if you are white, black, red, green..ALL WE CARE ABOUT IS WINNING!!!!

There are idiots everywhere in this world, there just happens to be a higher ratio in some of the Montreal Media... but please realize that they do NOT speak for most of us.

For the media in Montreal who have gone on record to blast these "commentators", I commend you. Someone has to keep these people in check. Also, congratulations and a big thank you to Georges Laraques for taking the time to call in to that "little show" and set the record straight. You WILL be a fan favorite...guaranteed.

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So true !
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Amen! I'd say about 50% of the Montreal Media that covers the Habs are simple a plague. They make up things all the time. When those morons said "fans were outraged", it was actually them and a few other journalists but to give some credibility to it, they generalized it to "fans".
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