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I was just sitting here at work on a dreary Saturday morning doing everything but working, lamenting my beloved Oilers and wondering if things will ever get better. As there is nothing in the near future suggesting that it will, I decided to do some research into just how bad things have been for the Edmonton Oilers in the historical context of how all teams have faired since the Edmonton Oilers entry season of 1979/ 1980.

Here's what I discovered:

- Since the 1979/1980 season until present, 28 different franchises have finished in the bottom 5 in league standings. (Only the New York Rangers and the Minnesota Wild have avoided this cellar grouping.)

- Since the 1979/1980 season until present, 17 different franchises have finished last in league standings. ( Ottawa Senators have achieved this distinction 4 times, and the Nordiques/ Avs, the Penguins, and the Lightning each 3 times.)

- Since the 1979/1980 season until present, the Edmonton Oilers have found themselves in the bottom 5 on 6 different occasions, finishing last in 2 of those seasons. ( 14 franchises have finished in the bottom 5 at least 6 times, with the Leafs, Kings and Islanders tied for the most at 10 each).

- Of the teams that have found themselves in the bottom 5 less than the Oilers, no team has won more cups than the Oilers during this time, and only 4 teams with less bottom 5's have won any cups at all.

- The powerhouse franchises have been where the Oilers are: Kings have been a bottom 5 team 10 times since 1979, the Canucks 8 times, the Penguins 7 times, the Sharks 4 times, the Blackhawks 3 times, and the Bruins twice.

So chin up, Oil fans. They've all been there, and soon, we won't be!!!!
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November 2, 2013 3:29 PM ET | Delete
Blatant attempt at making excuses for ourself.But it did actually make me feel better!
November 2, 2013 4:11 PM ET | Delete
Are you sure?
November 3, 2013 6:59 PM ET | Delete
Fact is no matter the team there are ups and downs, just sometimes the downs last long and hard. Rooting for the Leafs you understand such all too well. Sometimes it is management that really holds a team back, other times bad drafting, teams that dont gel and come together despite talent.... end of the day at some point the corner gets turned and the team will rise from the ashes. Oilers fans are enduring hard times no doubt about it, but there are some very solid young players, a young but effective coach, and hopefully management that will now move them forward as well and winning times will return ahead. Just a matter of fans gutting it out till that happens!
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