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Though most likely no one will read this little blog I have mustered up (justly so), I’d like to voice my opinion on the magnificent reign of Gary Bettman (insert sarcastic face emoticon here).

Upon finishing up an outline for an upcoming term paper, I visited my twitter account. Low and behold, one of the best articles I’ve read on the infamous Gary Bu..ettman made itself evident. Thanks in large part to the always-hilarious Jay Onrait of TSN; he presented his ‘followers’ with a link to the aforementioned article. Here’s Stephen Brunt’s (Globe and Mail) interpretation:

http://www.theglobeandmai...ts/hockey/bettmans-vision questionable/article1494132/

Back to my opinion; it is a blog… right?

It’s such an obvious opinion to garner—that Bettman’s tenure as the NHL commissioner has been somewhat of a drastic failure (to say the least). His goal was to spread the game in the Southern United States, and we all know how that went (Just look at last summer's Pheonix debacle). Now, if we are to look at the wheeling and dealing of the present-day NHL, what are we left with? Well, I’ll put it lightly… a failed experiment in promoting a professional sports organization in an unreachable, unimaginable, and unprofitable myriad of locations, that as great hockey mind’s as we are, come to wonder how the heck does he still have a job? Holy huge sentence Batman.

With the Winter Games fresh in our minds, he has (so far) failed to recognize the undeniable publicity that [his] game has attained (thanks in large part to the skill and speed we witnessed). It’s unfathomable to think that the Stanley Cup Playoffs could ever in our wildest dreams achieve that type of global recognition that our beloved sport engineered due to the Vancouver Games. Let’s face it here, it is a little dumb to reiterate a much-talked about theme (thanks in large part to the CTV hockey analysts). However, for a small moment, let’s think that Bettman actually does realize the impact these games could have on the growth of the sport, and as a fan of the game (like us) consumes himself in its dizzy raptures. Okay, time to wake up kids… naptime is over.

Realistically, or rather pessimistically, it’s hard to imagine how the NHL can survive with Bettman at its helm; but maybe he’ll go through some type of Buddha-like enlightened transformation, where he realizes his faults and asks forgiveness from those he has done wrong to... or perhaps not.

Brunt’s article raises a lot of important questions for hockey fans, and in the near and distant future we’ll see some of those answered.
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