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"Go Hawks"
Chicago, IL • United States •
All i've heard is the hawks lose in 4. hawks lose in 5. hawks lose in 6. hey why not. hawks lose in 7.
all i got to say is...Stupid

The young blackhawks can play. they have proved all year long that they can make a run when they skate. no team, and i mean no team can skate with the hawks.

in game 4 in calgary, the hawks at one point trailed 4-1. the hawks then put 3 goals up in 8 minutes. to me, that was the key to the series. yes, calgary won the game but the hawks realized that when they skate, there pretty much unbeatable. the hawks then took game 5 and 6 into there own hands because they knew they were the better team if they just skate and play there game.

now on to the canucks, luongo.

yes its going to be tough. arn't the playoffs suppose to be?
the canucks had a very short and easy 1st round against a hot st louis blues team. but they showed they were the better team. the one advantage i love in this series is the hawks have played through adversity. they have played up 2-0 in the series and before you know it, the series was tied. the hawks had to win a pivotal game 5 and did they ever. they had to go back to calgary where calgary was 5th in the league in home wins. and the hawks didnt dissapoint.

the hawks can match up with these guys, theres no doubt about it. here are the keys to the series if the hawks are going to win this.

- I'm Not asking Khabibulin to outplay luongo, because that just aint easy, but he has to counter Luongo with that big save.

-dont fall behind early against these guys, they aint like calgary where you can get back into the game, and luongo isn't the guy you want to fall behind.

- dont get frustrated. keep the game simple. play your game.

Prediction: Hawks in 6.

Thank you.

Hawk Head
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