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Look for this years NHL Entry Draft to be a mirror reflection of last years draft (from a leafs perspective). When we all consider the possible moves that Brian Burke can make, one seems to make the most sense. He claims he does not want to give up too much, but we all know the steep price that comes with getting into the top 3. However, another significant jump from 7th to 5th could prove, once again, to be effective. The skilled, hard working, physical Brayden Schenn is exactly what the doctor ordered if your name happens to be Brian Burke

Look at it this way, Luke Schenn is the one player Brian Burke claims he will be most hesitant to trade. Another player that he spoke strongly against trading was John Mitchell. Both of these guys are physical hard working players. John Mitchell also has that extra bit of skill that keeps him on the roster. Brayden Schenn's style is very similar to that of John Mitchell and big brother Luke Schenn. perhaps the perfect balance between skill, and grit, Brayden Schenn seems to be exactly what Burke is trying to stock up on.

In my mind and I beleive in Brian Burke's mind the best choice for the blue and white is to once again bring in a schenn boy at a slightly cheaper trade price. If his older brother is any indication of the future, brayden's looks mighty bright. often compared to Mike Richards, Brayden Schenn is the real deal, and will be an effective force in the NHL. and there is no better coaching and managing tandem that works better to his role than Ron Wilson and Brian Burke. So nevermind that his brother is the new fan favorite, nevermind that hes cheaper to aquire, just look at his role and his perfect fit with the leafs. Roll out the welcome mats and thrown and L. or B. on your Schenn jersey's, because Brayden is on his way.
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Very well said, and I agree 100%. It's a no-brainer in my mind to offer the 7th, plus a couple lower picks to move up to 5th, just like last year. Jump to and from the same draft slot two years in a row to grab two kids with the same last name. I betcha that's a feat that'll never be repeated! Then, if Burke really has a hard on for another top-ten pick, he can move Kaberle to do so.I'm so pumped.
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June 19, 2009 3:01 PM ET | Delete
Giddy Up. Kaberle better be gone. Ellis or Glennie???
June 19, 2009 7:04 PM ET | Delete
not gonna happen
June 19, 2009 8:54 PM ET | Delete
to bad we didn't lose the last game of the season, then we would have the fifth overall pick already.
June 19, 2009 11:49 PM ET | Delete
Geeze, I sure hope this kid is better than John Mitchell... not to rag on Johnny M but he is a Chris Kelly type guy with limited ceiling... third line tops. I see Braydon as more of a Jason Arnott-type player... big, defensively responsible, point-producing leader.
June 19, 2009 11:52 PM ET | Delete
Trading those picks to move up was a bad move last year, and it would be a bad move this year. The Leafs have trade 12 picks in the last few years and it has had serious negative effect on the pipeline of NHL-ready players. They need to keep their picks and add more... Schenn, Kadri, or MSP are all great players that could be around at 7 without giving up assets.
June 20, 2009 5:06 AM ET | Delete
You guys are on glue kaberle for a top 10 lmao
June 20, 2009 9:00 AM ET | Delete
I would like to see B. Schenn in a Leafs jersey too...I say Burke trades up for the 5th pick and takes him, if he's gone that means Kane is still available so we take Kane instead.I doubt Kaberle gets a top 10 pick but he could get a mid-to-late first rounder and possibly a prospect as well. I'd do that.
June 20, 2009 1:15 PM ET | Delete
WOW! People see know value in a top 5 offensive dman in the league you guys are on glue seriously!
June 20, 2009 5:52 PM ET | Delete
No matter how I spin it Tomas Kaberle is amongst the ten best offensive defensemen in the league. Depending on how you feel about Kaberle against guys like Andrei Markov, Sergei Zubov, Sergei Gonchar, Lubomir Vishnovsky and Dan Boyle he could very well be in the top five in offensive ability. I highly doubt he would be worth a top 10 pick, but a mid-round pick with a solid prospect wouldn't be nuts to expect.
June 20, 2009 5:53 PM ET | Delete
I'm thinking of a team that either just missed the playoffs or a team that just made them that would be willing to pay that price. Perhaps the Blue Jackets would be looking to take the next step with a real number 1 guy with powerplay ability?
June 20, 2009 5:54 PM ET | Delete
I would've made the rumoured Kaberle for Joe Colborne and Boston's 1st in a heartbeat.
July 7, 2010 12:07 AM ET | Delete
No he won't.
July 7, 2010 8:42 PM ET | Delete
February 27, 2011 1:56 PM ET | Delete
what day is is?
February 27, 2011 5:24 PM ET | Delete
The day you guys get schenn is the day I will eat my own poop. You have no hockey sense whatsoever. First of all, you say Ron Wilson is a good coach, when half the players want out of TOR because of him. And secondly, how is Burke perfect for Schenn? All he does is manage the team, he doesn't coach them. Idiot
February 28, 2011 4:00 PM ET | Delete
And right - why are you bringing up blogs from 2009? Start your own blog.
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