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Yes his gameplay this year wasn't up to expectations, but can the Canadiens permit themselves to lose Mike Komisarek?

Granted, if he did refuse a 4M$ deal, it leaves Montreal in the uncomfortable position of either overpaying the 6'4'' behemoth or letting him go in the hopes of signing a F.A. that can support prime minutes. Looking at this summer's available unrestricted free agents, the list of top four defensemen isn't abondant and considering Montreal's current ownership situation and past failures to lure quality free agents... it leaves the Canadiens with no leverage to negociate with.

I find that you can anwser the problem by asking yourself this question : Are the Canadiens rebuilding or ajusting ?

If they are rebuilding, ok... don't overpay and let him test the market.
If they think that the team can still progress, well then i don't see any reason why a young 26 years old defensemen coming off a sub-par season should leave the organisation.

In a season filled with underachievement, i consider it unwise to label ANY of Montreal's players and hope that the Habs rather AJUST and give Komisarek want he wants, to a reasonnable extent of course but considering Hamrlik is paid 5.5M$... you can expect similar numbers and lots of Tabarnac's sounding from MTL.
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I think it would be unwise to pay Komisarek anywhere close to the 6m he is reportedly asking for. 6 million makes him the top blueliner in Montreal where he has never been and will never be so long as Andrei Markov dons the red, white and blue. If the Habs let him go, it would almost be advantageous to explore trade options for a replacement rather than play the Free Agency game.
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Replacing via UFA's results in contracts like Roman Hamrlik's where a serviceable player gets top dollar from the open market. I truly feel like the time to sign Komisarek was during the season and the window of opportunity has since passed.
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I think for a hammrlik like deal, I would sign him. Anything above 5.5 and he's gone.
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Rumor is he is looking for around 6 mil a year. Honestly, I think you guys would be better off letting him go and using the money you'll be saving to go after somebody else.
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I agree that anything above 5.5 Million, i let Komisarek test the market. If he does find a team that offers him 6M$, it will probably be on a weak desperate team not a cup contender.
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Like the leafs? l0l
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blarneylad: good job taking the onus off the centennial failure!
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Side note...that Hamrlik deal is got to be one of the worst in the NHL. And people thought the McCabe deal was bad...
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komisarik is a problem? More like he has a big problem....for example getting owned by a 20 year old. Get used to a garbage team habs fans because your drafting and potential signings will put the habs over the TOP. You will always be second rate franchice compared to the Leafs. GET READY FOR THE BOOM IN THE NEXT FEW SEASONS burke hates the habs haha
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