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As I conclude my work day, I thought I'd kill off the last little with some random thoughts on various goings on in the NHL over the last few days.

Kovalev signing in Ottawa:
I think that might mean Heatley is going to be moved. Kovy's cap hit is going to make it almost impossible to stay under the cap unless they do. Too much money for Kovalev too.

Beauchemin signs in Toronto:
Good signing. I like him better than Scuderi and Spacek (who signed for about the same money) and about as much as I like Komisarek (though for different reasons). It appears that the Leafs have an over-abundance of defensemen and might need to move someone (Kaberle anyone?).

Raycroft gets the league minimum from Vancouver:
Really, this guy still gets a job in this league? He had a great rookie season and a decent season in Toronto 3 years ago. He's been garbage every other year. Was Kevin Weekes not available or something?

Blackhawks RFA issue:
I see a huge problem for Tallon. I'm working on a blog for later tonight that goes into more specifics but his mistake could mean two more good players hit the UFA market.

Zherdev and Callahan elect arbitration:
I'll be curious to see what an arbitrator gauges their values at, Callahan especially. Assuming they don't reach deals before arbitration, Callahan deserves a nice raise while Zherdev deserves a pay cut based on his stinker of a playoff performance.

Pronger willing to negotiate extension:
Really?!?!? As if in his introductory news conference he would say, "Nope, I'm one and done here in Philly. i wasn't happy I was traded and I'll be looking to go elsewhere next summer." Look for Philly to get something done though Pronger will get $5 million + per easily and it will be tough for the Flyers to stay under next season's cap.

Ryan Smyth traded to the Kings:
Glad to see that Colorado realized the error of their ways. They weren't good enough to compete for the Cup even after bringing Smyth and Hannan is as UFA's. Now they clear his cap hit and go into full re-build mode. Goodbye Mr. Sakic; you've had a wonderful career. Kings get the big name they've wante for the last 3 years. He may not be a 40 goal scorer but he'll bring the intangibles and leadership to a talented roster. If their goaltending shapes up then they have an outside shot at challenging for the Pacific Division.
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