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European Connection

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As an avid Flames fan I sit here and wonder why is it all the great and exciting teams today in the NHL have that "it" factor then it hits me no exciting european. (All do respect to Kotalik who really is not that good now that we have seen him play out west) For now we have to wait on Backlund and Hagman who do have upside there no Ovie and Geno or Datsyuk or I hate to say it but even the Sedins. All the better teams these days in the NHL have this and more, and in a Sutter-like blue print where all players bring there lunchbox and go to work I dont think we will ever see this happen. But look at the past few years and the cup winning team that has had that european connection. Before people had thought these players just dissapear when the going gets tough, but more and more they are the ones stepping up to push there team further. Tell me what you think.
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