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I've been a hockey fan since the Panthers first season. The '96 Cup run is always going to be considered my favorite batch of memories, watching them take on the Bruins and then surprise both Philly and the Pens to make it all the way to the Stanley Cup.

"Panther fans should enjoy this, they won't always get to savor something this special." Coach said at that time. Man, talk about being a fortune teller. Here we sit some 13 years later and we haven't been in the playoffs in nine years and we haven't won a playoff game in even LONGER!

Truth be told I would love to say that other teams were the reason for our string of playoff lacking seasons but the truth is that the team itself is to blame.

We sit a few days away from the draft and we have very few trade chips to work with. Many are calling for the heads of Vokoun and Horton. The idea that Jaybo is going to come back is laughable and we all know this. There are so many holes in the team that no one trade or one signing is going to fix it.

The free agent market is going to be filled with character and depth players but truth be told there isn't one superstar among them. DeBoer will again have to make do with the scraps he's given.

My first question is this: Put on the GM hat, look at what's in the market and what you have in your stable, what would you do? Who would you go after?

Be fair in answering this question and handcuff yourself just like the GM coming in is going to be handcuffed and do what you can with what's available.

I'll be interested to see the results.
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March 27, 2020 7:11 AM ET | Delete
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