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I understand the Islanders wanting/needing to rebuild with young talent. The problem is that they have very little young "talent". If you look past Bailey, Okposo and Tavares, there is absolutely no young talent what-so-ever.

Bergy is nothing that we thought he would be, Neilsen is OK at best and Tambo is a complete failure. I don't mind these guys being on the team, but when they are second liners and promised roster spots because Snow is "letting the kids play", that is a problem.

They are NOT kids anymore. They are not developing. They are 25/26 years old and they are not Marty St. Louis. They will not be coming into prime at 29 years old. They have reached the peek of their talents and it's very disappointing.

These players are fourth liners at BEST on almost any other team in the NHL. On most teams, they are AHLers.

Again we are right back to where we were in the late 90's. Lowest payroll in the league, very little talent, and very little hope beyond JT, KO and Bailey.

The Islanders need to get some talent to fill holes through FA's and Trades while building through a draft. The second part (building through the draft) they are doing right. The first part (filling holes through FA's and Trades) is NOT happening.

The reason why it is not happening is because they are promising the 26 year old "kids" roster spots. As long as that happens, expect the Isles to be at the bottom of the league.
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