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Sabres Faithful

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Hello Sabre fans this is my first blog, been holding off but had to make my voice heard I've read tons of blogs this summer about how the Sabres have done nothing this offseason and that they won't make the playoffs. First off I'd like to start off with saying this team would have made the playoffs last year if not for Scott gomezs slu foot on Ryan Miller. Our playoffs hopes died when Miller crawled off the ice lalime was just awefull all he needed to do was go 500 and we're in. Now this offseason I don't know what people were expecting Sabres don't make big deals in free agency they just don't get over it! The additions of montador and Grier definately makes us thougher which is what we need besides a top six forward we don't need much, whith guys like Myers Brennen gregnani on the back end commin up then u got ennis gerbe Kennedy and mancari up front this team has some major talent on the up and comming. Anyways for what it's worth that's my opinion and here's what I think the opening day roster should be:
Vanek. Connelly. Pomminville
Paille. Roy. Stafford
Mcarthur. Kennedy. Grier
Kaleta. Gaustad. Gerbe/mair/Ellis

Rivet. Myers
Montador Butler
Sekera. Weber
feel free to comment on the blog or roster
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