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Grimsby, ON • Canada •
Hi everyone. This is my first blog on Hockeybuzz. I plan to write one or two blogs per week, one on the Maple Leafs, and one on the Blackhawks. Well, enough of that. I believe the Maple Leafs have a decent chance of making the play-offs this season. I mean, I don't expect them to be at the top of the conference, but I could see them finishing 7th or 8th. Their defense should be solid, granted Wilson can get the strategy right, and with the young guys on forward, the Buds could be in the top ten in the league again as far as scoring goes. I think guys like Blake and Grabovski really need to step up and be consistent this year, and i'm expecting atleast 25 goals out of both of them. If Toskala can stay healthy and consistent, the Leafs should make, if not come close, to the play-offs. Please give me any constructive criticism/positive comments you may have. Thanks!
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