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Let it Go

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I don't know if I am more frustrated with the Devils or the officials from game 3. The Devils were graced with 3 PPs in the first 7 minutes and the PP could have put the game out of reach early, but it only struck once. On the road the first goal is key, but it made no difference in this game because the Flyers always seem to score on the PP when they need it. The Flyers seem to always come back and get the lucky bounce all series long so far. Brodeur played well enough to steal this game on the road, but besides Rolston's goals the Devils did not have much sustained pressure. The Flyers played the better game and deserved the win and as long time Devils fans know if the game goes to OT the game is lost. Last time I checked this is the playoffs and the Devils are playing the Flyers. The referees are calling way too many penalties. Roughing after the whistle is part of the game and should never result in a penalty. All of these borderline calls have got to stop being called. The Devils were one of the least penalized teams in the NHL this season and now they're taking 6 penalties per game. This has got to stop and in OT no penalty should ever be called that is borderline because it resulted in the Flyers winning the game. The referees should let the players decide the game, not the penalties. Devils and Flyers fans want to see the rough stuff without fear of taking a penalty everytime. Unless it is an obvious call the referees have got to let the roughing and hitting go.
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