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Feaster or Famine?

Posted 7:01 PM ET | Comments 0
Hmmm... Jay Feaster is the new Flames assistant GM... or is that assistant TO the GM?

Could it be that after swapping out the amateur scouts they've now realized that Sutter is at the very least in need of some "assistance"? Perhaps his first order of business should be to show Darryl where the door is and pass on the old axiom about letting it hit him on the way out. In my heart of hearts, I hope that this might mean that we'd be somehow able to pry Vincent LeCavalier out of a Lightning Jersey and onto our team... I mean, Sutter obviously admires the Lightning team that beat us in the cup final, including the GM, so why not? Why not just call up Edmonton and trade Kiprusoff for Khabiboulin? Maybe Sarich will play like he's 5 years younger with Feaster on board? Maybe we can fall to worst in the league in hopes of getting a #1 draft pick in the next 2 or three years... "Seen Stamkos?"

I think this is a good move, but I don't know what it means for the Flames yet.

He's a lawyer, has a good background and seems more business oriented than Sutter, but only time will tell if the Flames future will include Feaster or famine.
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