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The reality is setting in that the Sabres season is over and they waisted a glorious opportunity. I’m sitting here trying to figure out what went wrong and the only conclusion I can come to is that the Ottawa Senators were better. I guess when put into perspective the disappointment is eased a bit because the Sabres didn’t deserve to win. In last years Conference Finals against the Carolina Hurricanes the better team may not have won. I think knowing the Senators were the better team helps to put closure on the season as opposed to last year when nobody knew what would have happened if the Sabres had all their defenseman.

The message boards are littered with people who are wondering if Drury and Briere will be here next season or if Buffalo will be looking to fill the captain vacancy. They are also littered with people saying crazy things like “sign Lecavalier” or “The Sabres need to get Selanne”. News Flash the Sabres will not be getting any big name free agents. I would think they will get a couple of role players through free agency and basically try to keep this team intact for the most part. The last time I checked the Sabres were the Presidents Trophy winners and played in the Eastern Conference Finals, it’s not time to go blowing this thing up. It took Ottawa like eight years to get where they are now because they were patient and stayed with their plan.

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