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Canucks 4 Oilers 1

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If you had asked me at the start of this 8 game home stand if I would be happy with the Canucks winning 6 of 8 I would have said sure. And while the two they lost should have been ones they won handily, overall it was a pretty decent run. With the Olympic road trip from hell looming, the Canucks need to continue to get as many points as possible at home, and hope that they can figure out why they're so bloody awful on the road.

Solid effort from all involved last night, heck I actually only recall cursing out Bieksa twice all game! Roberto Luongo had another strong game, giving up the one goal on what was esentially a perfect shot. The Oilers looked at times like the desperate team they are, but more often than not they showed what seemed like a general disinterest in the game. Nice to see Ehrhoff break out of his goal scoring slump on a beauty set up from Rick Rypien, now if Mikeal Samuelsson could get off the Schneid, we would be laughing. Kesler seemed to be channeling his inner Ryan Johnson last night, as his hard work and shot blocking seemed even more ferocious than normal. A couple nit picky things from last night: that was definitely a knee on knee hit on Kesler by Ryan Stone, horrible blown call there. The other is that it appears Henrik actually scored on a 2 on 1 late in the 3rd (not that it affected the game outcome, but this guy is in the running for the NHL's scoring title, would hate to see that be the reason he lost it). Once that gets posted to youtube, I will throw it on here. The NHL schedule makers have done us a solid once again, by scheduling a back to back night for us, with the rested Calgary Flames waiting in Cowtown for us.
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