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Komi Konundrum

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For Leafs fans, Mike Komisarek is the new Bryan McCabe. To an extent at least. He is an overpaid defensemen who really can't play defence really well. To be fair, that isn't really true. He's had his good years, and was one of the more solid shutdown d-men in the NHL until Lucic messed him up. But you think he'd be healthy by now. It's been two and a half years since the injury, and only towards the end of this season did we see any improvement. Hopefully he continues to improve, it would help the buds significantly. But can he ever be his old self again? Well there was one thing he had in Montreal that he no longer has in Toronto:

Andrei Markov

Komisarek's X-factor. Yea he's injured right now, and he almost always is, but he was paired with Mike during his 'glory' days with the Habs. Andrei just complemented him so well. Mike is the big strong stay-at-home defensemen while Markov plays more the offensive role on the back end. They were one of the better pairings in the league at one point. Both players had career years playing with each other.

So the question is: should Brian Burke make a play for Markov over the summer if the Habs don't resign him?

For the right price, and if he is relatively healthy by July 1, then I say yes. Its a low risk, high reward situation for the Toronto GM, and with a shortage on D, why not? Coming off such a huge injury, Markov will have to take a large decrease in salary this off-season. A one year deal worth anything less than 2 million would be reasonable in my mind. The leafs could use a solid second pairing, and this could create such a thing.
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