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Oklahoma City, OK • United States •

Hockey in Oklahoma City!

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Most people here Oklahoma City and they either think of one of four things. The first thing people might think of is Tornadoes, because yes we are in the middle of tornado alley. The second thing people may think of is college football why I don't know because the sooners are in Norman and the Cowboys in Stillwater. The third thing that they think our city stole the Thunder from Seattle. Lastly they think of the bombing we had. What most people do not know is that Oklahoma City has had a great history of hockey in our city. In 1965 the Oklahoma City Blazers were founded of the Central Hockey League. From 1965-1971 the Blazers were a professional hockey team in Oklahoma City they played their games at the Fairgrounds Arena and later the Myriad Convention Center. In 1966 they won the CHL championship under player coach Harry Sinden and repeated in 1967. In 1971 they suspended operations but only missed one season and was back with a new parent club and played four more season before leaving. In 1978 the Oklahoma City Stars were formed also a part of the Central Hockey league. The stars were in Oklahoma City until 1982 when they again. over the 15 Season of the teams in Oklahoma City they played 1,115 games with a record of 479-513-123. In 1992 Oklahoma City got hockey back and they were also named the Oklahoma City Blazers. The Blazers were here for 17 Seasons his time around, on July, 2nd 2009 the Blazers ceased operations due to financial reasons and failing to reach an agreement with the city. Over the course of those 17 seasons they played in 1108 games with a record of 652-355-18-17-66. For those that are not aware that is wins, losses, ties, overtime losses, and shootout losses. There was a lot more success for the franchise this time around winning 2 Ray Miron President's Cups for Champions of the league, 9 division Championships as well. The team was loved by the fans and the league we had 3 MVP'S 1 Rookie of the Year, 1 Scoring champion and Coach Doug Saughter was named coach of they year as well. It is a tough year without hockey in Oklahoma City hopefully next year that changes. Several reports say that the city is in talks to bring a franchise of the American Hokey league to town . The AHL would be a huge step up from where we were as they are the step right below the NHL. Hopefully the deal gets done and we have a team back in OKC real soon.
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