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Rochester, NY • United States • 28 Years Old • Male
Salutations, First off, I’d like to give a little background about myself in order to allow you all to either consider my thoughts coming from a valid source or choose to ignore me right off the bat. I am a twenty-eight year old male who was born in raised in the Rochester area. I have been a Buffalo sports fan for as long as I’ve been alive. I have never played organized hockey, but over my years of observing I have become quite knowledgeable. If you are still reading, I hope you enjoy!rnThe 2013-2014 Buffalo Sabresrnrn Welcome to “Sabre State of Affairs”, my specific prospective of the current Buffalo Sabres. I want to start by acknowledging how ugly last year’s team was. I’m not referring to the final scores of the games, which were not always terrible, but I am referring to the fact that they were not fun to watch. As blue collar fans in a blue collar city we expect our athletes to represent us when they wear “BUFFALO” on the front of their jerseys. Last years team did not. That team needed an attitude adjustment and I believe the youth movement coming in is exactly that is necessary. Miller and Vanek are going to be loved in Buffalo forever, but it may be time for them to gracefully exit stage right out of Buffalo. They both have talent, although Vanek has been much more impressive then Miller these last few years, but they do not fit the mold with the young blood moving in. I do admit that losing Miller & Vanek may show up on next seasons (W & L) column in a negative manor, but it will help the kids grow together as a new team. The Sabres farm system is looking better and better every year and I think it’s time to let some of them loose on the NHL. I want to watch the games and have fun again. I want to grow with the team again. It is time for the Sabres to have a new core. It may take a few years to win the CUP, but I believe this whole team from top to bottom is moving in the right direction. That all being said, here is my wishful line up for the 2013-2014 season. Please let me know what you think.Forwards Armia Grigorenko Ennis Leino Hodgson Ott Stafford Porter Flynn Kaleta Girgensons ScottDefensemen Ehrhoff McBain/Ruhwedel/Sulzer Myers Tallinder Weber RistolainenThanks for Reading
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