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0 for 6. Nope, that wasn't the Predators' power play line from Monday night. They wish they'd gotten six power plays.

No, this stat line is far more telling of the Nashville Predators' struggles in the playoffs. The Preds have yet to win a road playoff game. Ever.

Of course, all hyperbole aside, the Preds have only been in three postseasons, but the fact of the matter is that the Predators simply do not know how to win a playoff game away from the friendly confines of Nashville Arena.

Sure, there were a couple of close calls in Detroit in their inaugural playoff "stroll," but since then, this team hasn't so much as sniffed a road victory.

Obviously, you have to give credit to the Sharks and their phenomenal home ice advantage these past two seasons, but the real problem might be directly behind the Preds' bench.

The Predators have only had one head coach in the history of the franchise and to say his road record is paltry would be an overstatement. This season's inflated road tally is more indicative of playing a bunch of road games in October, November and December than really righting the ship.

Since the new year came ringing into existence, the Preds have struggled mightily going 9-8-3 on the road without a single regulation win against the top 16 teams in the NHL. That would make their road record a respectable 14-7-0 during the opening three months of the season, when, let's face it, most teams aren't playing their best hockey.

When it matters most, this team hasn't found a way to win on the road. So, you can blame all the bad calls, suspensions and game winning goals from players that should have been sitting in the stands all you want, but if the Preds don't find a way to win a road game, they'll be hitting the Legends golf course next week.
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