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Sam Gagner

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The rumors have been coming and going about Sam Gagner. Is he a long term 2nd line centre. Maybe, He has had at least 40 points in each of his four NHL seasons. Is he a better choice then future star Tyler Pitlick who has been compared to Ryan Kesler many times. No, probably not. But what about oilers future centre man lineup like this. Nuge, Gags, Lander, Martindale. Nuge is on the first scoring line, Gagner is on the second scoring line, Lander will be shutting down other first line's, and get Martindale to be on the tough guy line. Or should Gagner go and the lines be like this. Nuge, Pitlick, Lander, Martindale. Time will tell for this one.
But I really hope Gags stays.
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