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It's no secret, the Flyers need an upgrade between the pipes. It's also no secret that the Panthers need a superstar. One way to fill those needs? How about trading with eachother? Here's my hypothetical trade:

Panthers Get:
Jeff Carter
Brian Boucher

Flyers Get:
Tomas Vokoun
Michael Frolik

Let's look at this from both teams perspective

Panthers side
The Panthers aren't gonna win the Stanley Cup this year, and everyone knows it. GM Dave Tallon is doing a very good job with stop-gap signings (Christopher Higgins, Nathan Paetsch, etc.) and stock piling the system for the future with draft picks and prospects. The problem is, the Panthers still don't have a #1 center. That's why the Panthers would jump all over this hypothetical trade. Jeff Carter would be the best player to suit up for the team since Pavel Bure. He just knows how to score. As much as Vokoun would like to stay in Florida, he's not in their future plans with Jacob Markstrom in the system. Tallon has also expressed some displeasure with Michael Frolik believing he's holding something back. This trade kills two birds with one stone as Vokoun and Frolik would be out and the superstar Carter would be in. Question is, whose the starter? Well, as I said, the Panthers aren't contenders yet. Obviously a tandem of Clemensen-Boucher doesn't scare anybody, but it's only for a year. Boucher is in the last year of his contract, and would just be a stop-gap while Markstrom is seasoned in the AHL. This trade makes sense for Florida.

Projected Panthers Line-up after trade
Booth- Carter- Bernier
Higgins- Weiss- Grabner
Reinprect- Matthias- Dvorak
Stillman- Reasoner- Bitz

Wideman - McCabe
Gudbranson - Kulikov
Garrison/Ellerby - Allen


Flyers side
For the Flyers, this trade lands them that bona fide #1 netminder they've been lacking since the days of Ron Hextall. It seems that GM Paul Holmgren has been reluctent to give up Jeff Carter, but he's obviously expendible now with the log jam of centers including Mike Richards, Danny Briere, Claude Giroux, Blair Betts, and Darroll Powe. The team is a bit thin on the left side, and Frolik would be a nice piece to add there. Frolik also has an expiring contract, so if things don't work out he is expendible. The cap is a non-issue because Vokoun and Carter almost have an identical cap hit. This trade would also please the fans, and quiet those who aren't happy with the recent trade of Simon Gagne to Tampa. The Flyers would be ready to roll back to the finals if this trade occured.

Projected Flyers line-up after trade
vanRiemsdyk- Richards- Zherdev
Hartnell- Briere- Leino
Frolik- Giroux- Powe
Carcillo- Betts- Laperierre

Carle - Pronger
Timonen - Couburn
Walker/O'donell - Meszaros

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