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"you can put it in the win column"
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fanning the flames

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Well after a few days of reflection, I can hopefully put what happened in some sort of perspective now.
I gotta tell you though.. it's been a tough year with a lot more ups and downs than expected.
So. where are we heading? Who's most likely to stay or go? Let's start with the players.
Iggy says he wants to stay in Calgary.. He also says he has more than enough money, so playing In a city of his choice meands more. Man was that a relief to hear. Apparently, he has given his agent the green light to negotiate a long or short term extension over the summer.
Kipper. No you can't have him.. He's ours for art least the next 3 years..
Who is on the outs?
Well as far as veterans go.. Friesen just ripped Playfair in the paper today and says he wants to go somewhere where his talents will be appreciated... Bye Bye jeff. Thanks for nothing...Mc carty is pissed as well. bye bye Darren. see you in the unemployment line.Amonte just looked too tired all year and we have some pretty decent youth coming up so he's up for grabs.
Tanguay ,Langkow proved themselves as great number one players with Iggy and I hope they are both back next year..
Lombardi . all the speed in the world but just can't seem to bring it every night.. Would like one more year as second line center but I don't think he's a guy that Playfair has much confidence in.. Byron Ritchie is in the same boat.. would love him on my team. but not with Playfair as coach..
Huselius Has shown magic this year not seen since the original magic man.. Maybe Tarratukin would be a better fit than Lombardi as his center on the second line
Yelle is staying. No ifs/ands or buts.. Nilson had a very wanting year. can he recover? not sure but if not.. Primeau made a good case for his replacement. with maybe a tad more offensive potential.
moss is a keeper.. goddard , a free agent but had some good appearances
What to do with Conroy.. His addition to the team just messed up every line we had which went a long ways to the indifferent play shown by the team down the stretch.. A great guy . but on my team, he's gotta go.

Robin Regher , really had an off year and with the salary he expects next contract, it might be prudent to move him now. although, I'd keep him. I just like him too much to deep six him after one bad season..
Stuart was a great addition and I would make every effort to sign him. especially since Roman Hamrlik is wayyyyy to expensive and inconsistent. and besides. Phaneuf needs to learn how to play with other players . He's much too old to need a babysitter now.
Warriner is a broken down horse but no way is he going anywhere. We need war horses badly.
Giordano has made a place for himself as the 6th or 7th d man . which leaves unpopular Zyuzin . not a player I want on my team and Halle.. not enough time here to evaluate.

Now . to Playfair.. Did he make some mistakes????? oh yea.. one more year to see if he's learned anything. If the team is not pushing and excelling by xmas next year. I would quickly reevaluate..
Sutter made an awful lot of player moves. Most of which ended up having a negative effect on the team as a whole.. not a great year by the rookie G.M.. and who ever hired a rookie coach with asperations of winning the cup. It's never happened before. well except got Al McNeil but i'm not counting that one.
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