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Anyone with NHL Center Ice could clearly see 41 times a year that the franchises in Atlanta, Florida, and Phoenix are dieing.

Old News right?

Yeah, but with the swirling rumours of the NHL returning to Winnipeg, and the constant dismay of those who say "this again?", lets look at the situation a bit closer.

On any given night, except maybe when the Leafs are in town, the NHL barns are EMPTY. Calgary has a sea of red, Toronto has a sea of people pulling their hair out, while Phillips Arena has a sea of empty blue seats. This evidence can be seen in Florida and Glendale as well through the wonderful creation that is NHL Center Ice.

Give it whatever excuse you may want, the economy is poor, its hard for people to get to the rink on time on weeknights; any excuse can be driven away by tuning into Hockey Night in Canada, or Roger Sportsnet.

The other night I caught I great ad during a Panthers game, for $19 not only do you get 2 tickets to the game, but 2 hot dogs, free parking, and a $5 gas card! You mean I can eat dinner, get free gas, and park for free all while seeing a hockey game? They're essentially paying you to go and park your butt in the seats there while seeing high calibre hockey...Yet the people remain away from the rink.

Now don't get me wrong there are some that are faithful to their franchises and undoubtly deserve the "fan" status...and then theres those among the 14,000 or so empty seats that will sit in the upper deck, behind the net, worst seats in the house, when they could move anywhere, literally the world is theirs, they could sit in what some would dream of sitting in at a Flames, Canucks, or lowly Oilers game. But they literally have no idea what they are watching anyways, and thats why they dont move.

Its not just the fans that don't want to be there, its the players as well, your lieing to yourself if you actually thought Kovalchuk was going to remain a Thrasher for his career. Everyone knew he would be on the move once he was given the chance after draft day. These types of guys are superstars after all, why would they play in a place were as many as only 2000 people actually know who they are.

To you the fans of these franchises, all 1,200 of you, I appologize, but it is your communities and your peers that cause these franchises not to work, and should be moved elsewhere.

Go Jets Go
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