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Devils Next move

Posted 5:28 PM ET | Comments 0
Its not a matter of if but when kovy is offically a devil again. but after kovy signs, what do the devils do after that. do they dump some salery with a trade, or do they look for that 1 more peice of the puzzle. What players can be traded, names being thrown around are rolston, salvador, zubrus, Langenbrunner, Zajac, i even heard marty's name but its highly unlikely you will ever see marty play for any other team.

Rolston is gettig paid big money and is up there in age and isnt as productive. Salvador is older too and a little over paid. Zubrus seems to be not as productive but you can put him in any position and he plays it well also seemed like him and kovy were the only players that could do somthing against the Flyers in the playoffs. Langenbrunner is a crowd favorite and the captain and he will put up good numbers every year but he is getting older and there was questions about his leadership in the playoffs where he turned into a ghost. Zajac is another highly unlikely to go because hes young about to enter his prime, and when him and Parise get going there 1 of the best duo's in the NHL.

Alot of questions still need to be answered but i can tell you this its going to be a magical season for the devils. Elias will have one of his best seasons ever with Arnott back and Johnny Mac as coach. the devils will be very offensie. And finally in the playoffs if you push the devils around they will push back becaus they are bigger and stronger with the a-train tallinder and arnott, and dont forget about Clarky and PL3. also look out for the two young guns trying to crack the lineup Jacob Josefson and Mattias Tedenby, i feel alittle magic between them.
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