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Devils scored a fluky one against the LA Kings to tie up game 1 in the 2nd period of the Stanley Cup Finals, and now it's in intermission and i've got an itchin' to write a blog.

On HockeyBuzz's homepage I came across another blogger's article on Team Canada at the Sochi Olympics. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and while i disagreed with my fellow blogger, s/he got me interested into writing my one, which will be much better

GOALIES: Canada's goaltending is dwindling of late, and with Martin Broduer turning 40, Roberto Luongo struggling, and the likes of Patrick Roy, Curtis Joseph, and Ed Belfour far past retirement, it's time for some new blood between the crease for the red and white.

1. Marc-Andre Fleury: No matter what, he's the most experienced and awarded canadian goaltender.

2. Carey Price: Price will probably end up being the starter for Canada when 2014 comes around, however, he must earn that start.

3. I'm very torn on this one. Obviously Cam Ward is a viable option and with a Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe to his name, why not? Braden Holtby could be placed in the 3rd spot to add experience for years to come. He's definitely the best young Canadian goaltender. However if Mike Smith can continue his dominance (which I think he can) he's without a doubt the most likely candidate.

DEFENSEMEN: Canada has had to say goodbye to Scott Neidermayer and Chris Pronger, and 2010 was likely Dan Boyle's last in the Red and White. Lucky for Canada, the new wave of defensemen may even be stronger as a group. Youngsters continue to improve and some prime players are realizing their potential.

1. Duncan Keith: The World Championships proved why Duncan Keith will continue to represent Canada for years to come. He'll be the veteran on this blueline

2. Shea Weber: Wherever he may be playing by 2014, Weber will still be the best defenseman in the NHL. A man who can do it all.

3. Daniel Girardi: The first "suprise". And the "" are completely necessary. Dan Girardi went from being undrafted to being the best shutdown defenseman in the league for the East leading New York Rangers.

4. Drew Doughty: If you play as a 20 year old in the 2010 olympics for your time, you've ethed a place in the lineup four years later no matter what.

5. Kris Letang: May I introduce you to the Canadian Erik Karlsson (Eric Carlson) (Yes, I make myself laugh). Letang is just as capable of putting up the points as Karlsson.

6. Marc Staal: Staal gets the Seabrook vote on here, but that's no knock on his talent. In fact his chemistry with Girardi will get them both on this team.

7. Well, once again, a difficult decision. Brent Seabrook's experience would be an asset, but for some reason, i'd rather see either Alex PIetrangelo or Michael Del Zotto. Del Zotto has been more prone to mistakes over the course of his career but could grow out by then. However, Pietrangelo's emergence is too much to overlook.

Carey Price
Marc-Andre Fleury
Mike Smith

Drew Doughty-Shea Weber
Duncan Keith-Kris Letang
Dan Girardi-Marc Staal
Alex Pietrangelo

I'll be posting my Forward blog in the next couple of days
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