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Want VS Need

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Every blog you read has an opinion on how someone thinks they know what their favorite team needs to succeed and contend for a championship.

Edmonton - A few veteren defencemen and a proven goaltender
Toronto - A big centermen and a proven goaltender
Pittsburgh - A winger to play with Crosby
Calgary - Trade Iginla and Kipper and start over

In reality, every team needs something in order to be the best. The harsher reality is, only one team will be the best. Was there any single player in the league that would have made a difference in lighting up LA in the playoffs that would have made such a big difference that LA would not have won the cup? Dont think so. Would Montreal have made the playoffs with no Scott Gomez and a healthy Andrei Markov? Unlikely.

What I am trying to say is all of us as fans love to see trades that bring in big names, yet we are dissapointed when our team does not win the cup. We give the GM's such flack when they appear to being nothing behind the scenes. They know what their team needs whether it be a gritty left handed shooter on the PK, a player who is dependable on draws, a defensive PP specialist etc. There are many players we may want on our team but we really got to think about whether we trully need them and whether they will fill that pressing gap or play into the budget while the younger players are still developing.

A perfect example of this would be when Montreal signed Gomez in order to atract Brian Gionta, which in turn would have given interest to Mike Cammalleri to join the Habs. We thought we needed Cammy in order to add some more scoring options but really didnt need Gomez rather than to start the ball rolling on the signings. We all know where this ended up and we lost some costly young prospects in the process. (Ryan McDonagh).

It would be interesting to hear back on the plugs your team needs to fill and which player you feel would fill that role and make your favorite team better in the process.

Thanks for reading
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