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saint catharines, ON • Canada • 22 Years Old • Male
Hello, my name is Daniel Jackson, i am 22 years old and i have been reading this site for 3-4 years now. i am quite interested in writing blogs and i plan on writing many here. I am a HUGE avalanche fan, so you will see many directed to them, but i would like to cover every team in a "look to the season" with projections, lineups, breakout players and whats to come for the team.

We lost 1/2 a season to the lockout last year and this has made me want to talk more, celebrate our game. We had a team go undefeated in 24 games and win the cup at the end of it all, a 38 year old win the scoring title among many other story lines. Please give my work a read and give me some constructive critisism when you can

74 days to go!!!
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