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"Pronger will have his revenge."
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I was reading a post a week or so ago about the 10 General Managers your team should want to rebuild your team. Based on the fact that Paul Holmgren took the team that finished dead last in the entire NHL only to take his team to the Eastern Conference Finals the following season only to lose to the stacked Penguins. How does that not make him top 5 maybe even top 3 or better on that list? The answer I have is either the author didn't do his homework or there's a flyers bias out there. In 2008-09 Mike Richards led the NHL in short handed goals with 7 (2 of which were 5-3 pps), but finished, I believe, 3rd in the voting for the Selke Award with similar numbers in all categories as the winner (Datsyuk) and the second place player (Kessel). I think the fact that he plays for the Flyers cost him that balloting. I've heard people around the NHL say the Flyers will forever be in the penalty box in their minds based on what happened in the mid 70s. That is not professionalism, that is not something that should be said by an executive in a sports league. I'm not blaming this for the Flyers' lack of a cup in the past 35 years, but I do believe it plays a part in things like player awards and "funny" calls in games they play. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right, but there is definitely some bias against the Flyers out there. Fellow Flyers fans and fans from the rest of the league, I'd love to get your opinions on this subject.

-Joe Campbell
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