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"Rob Mann"
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Tampa at MTL - pregame

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Stamkos on pace for a stinkin' 164 goals, 246 points.

Steve Downie? On pace for a lousy season, with 82 goals, 82 assists.

Vinny and Moore are lined up for a measly 82 goals.

A handful of other guys are on pace to have 82 points as well. Bunch of bums.

Anything less from these guys is totally unacceptable. If they fall from this pace, I swear I'll never live in Buffalo. Everybody who has ever been to Buffalo, knows how difficult it would be to go a whole lifetime without ever living in fantastic Buffalo - a place I wouldn't believe existed if I hadn't seen it myself, full of matching sweatpants/sweatshirt sets, plastic squirt-top jugs of vodka, and outlet stores. Heaven on Earth right there. What a dream.

Tonight the Bolts are up against Les Habitants, the former home of Tampa's new coaching staff. Hopefully Tampa is well rested after a few days off. The team really has a great chance at pushing Washington for the top spot in the Southeast, and hopefully they can live up to expectations. While their defence has a few question marks, if they all turn out as good as they can be, Tampa is in great shape on the blue line.

Did anybody else see the article about Stamkos' summer workouts with Gary Roberts? It's unreal. Apparently he's just the most jacked dude, out of half a dozen NHLers to take part, and he was the goal for most people. How much did Stamkos lift yesterday? That's what I wanna do today. Good lord. The plan is also so strict, in terms of diet and exercise. No processed food, only organics. No fun, only working out. They only beer they're allowed to lift is if it's still in a keg. Sounds great, they're living the dream.

Anyway, let's hope for good things tonight, that the guys made the most of their downtime, got in their manis and pedis and are all set for the 4 games in 6 nights they have coming. No time for the ladies to take a break. now.

Rob Mann
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