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Hey, guys, I just heard early this morning that Burke may be looking Los Angela's way. The latest rumor coming out of Toronto is that Burke is looking to unite the Schenn Brothers. To LA goes Tomas Kaberle and either Mikhail Grabovski or Nik Kulemin and to Toronto goes Brayden Schenn, Wayne Simmonds and a 2nd rounder in 2011. This is just another rumor, remember, it could be total bs, but this one is really exiting.

In the 2009 entry draft, Burke was looking at Schenn and Kadri. When LA took Schenn, the choice was simple, but the rumors were that Burke wanted(and tried to trade for) Schenn later on. Burke has stated all along that for Kaberle, he must recieve immediate help to the current roster. He'll get that in Simmonds, but as good as Simmonds is he's still not on the level of a Bobby Ryan, Nathan Horton or Marc Savard. Schenn and the draft pick makes the deal more balanced, because of both Simmonds and Schenn's upsides, and the unknown value of the draft pick.

Burke has also said that no offer that he has been given comes close to what he is looking for, and if LA is in the mix for Kaberle, you'd have to think that Burke has Schenn in his sights.

If Kaberle is to be moved, then the time is now. Kabby only has one year left on his contract, next year he'll be in the "rental player" status, so his full value is in this window that opened on dreft day. I think that after July 1st, when guys like Paul Martin and Dan Hamhuis are off the market, then Kaberle's value goes up, especially if LA misses out on Gonchar, Martin and Hamhuis. This might intice them to tip the scales their way by adding in the "one that got away" from Burke. As it stands right now, Simmonds and the pick are all that LA has offered, but Schenn's name has come up from the Leafs' side. LA might do it because an offensive d-man like Kabby would put them into contender status, in my opinion.

Recently LeafsTV ran a behind the draft episode on the 2009 entry draft, it showed Burke have an interest in moving Kabby to LA, and Burke saying "that's all you need" to LA GM Dean Lombardi. Based on LA's success this past year, Lombardi may agree and pull the trigger to put top d-man Drew Doughty with a 12-year vet like Kaberle.

Again, this is all speculation, but I will stay on top of it as best I can and keep you all updated on the things I hear. Take care.
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