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Redlands, CA • United States • 28 Years Old • Male
I would just like to start off by thanking a few teams, Florida, Columbus, New York Islanders, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Atlanta, Minnesota, New York Rangers, and Dallas. Thanks for not drafting Cam Fowler. By doing so, you allowed the Ducks to take arguably the best Defensive Prospect in the draft. As I am typing this, I have the biggest grin on my face, knowing that we could potentially have a future Scott Niedermayer on the Ducks roster possibly in the next two years. This has to have Ducks fans like myself dancing on the inside. I know the comparisons to Scott are a tad bold at this point in the 18 year olds early, and I mean early career, but you have to understand this kid has won EVERYWHERE he has gone so far.

Here is just to run down his winning pedigree:

2010 Memorial Cup with Windsor Spitfires.
2010 World Junior Championships
2009 Under-18 World Championships.

Just to show you that Cam has a way about him. He knows how to win… Plain and Simple… Lets hope that he can bring that winning edge to the Ducks. But first things first, make the team. But I have to say, you have to be excited if you are a Ducks fan!

Then you have our second pick (29th Overall via Philadelphia) comes Emerson Etem. Ok, I was excited about Fowler dropping (between 7-9 spots) to 12, but, I think I was more excited about Etem dropping from as high as 10th (in some rankings) to 29th to the Ducks. He is from Southern California where hockey is second nature to Baseball, Basketball and Football, but what makes me excited is that I get to root for a homegrown Kid that has so much potential. I know that I am going to stretch this a little, but can you imagine Emerson on the same line with Getz and Perry? Or what about a two-line punch with Getz & Perry and Ryan & Etem! Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

I have been a Ducks Fan since the Inauguration year of 1993, and all I have to say is that this is the first time I have been so excited about our Draft Class since Getzlaf and Perry. Thanks Ducks Management for bringing me out of the dumps from the Niedermayer retirement announcement. Makes me proud to know that our future team looks extremely promising!!!

Matt Williamson
Redlands, CA
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