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"The Flyers and Beyond"
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Shea Weber, also known as one of the best defenseman currently in the National Hockey League, has agreed to a contract worth around $110 million for 14 years with the

Philadelphia Flyers. Although Nashville has until 11:30pm on Wednesday July 25th 2012, due to financial reasons, the offer may not be matched, and he may very well be a Philadelphia Flyer by this time next week.

This will be huge for the Flyers if the offer is not matched. It was very bold of Mr. Paul Holmgren to offer such a large contract, knowing there could be long-term risks. The long term risks include the Flyers not having a first draft round pick of their own for the next four years; a risk Mr. Holmgren seems to always be willing to take. The problems keep adding up though. Lets say Chris Pronger is able to return halfway through the 2012/2013 season. Will the Flyers be forced to have him sit, or make a monster trade to move Pronger, or even Weber for cap space? Then we have the little things such as resigning Zolnierczyk, Sestito and the biggest RFA for the Flyers, Jakub Voracek, who was a huge factor in the 2011/2012 season offensively for the team. With Jagr and JVR no longer with the team, it’s not doubt that the Flyers will absolutely need to sign Voracek.

Although there are some downsides, I believe there are more upsides to this deal. Bryzgalov will finally be happy. All kidding aside, the Flyers defensive core will be stronger than ever. These are the line combinations that I think would happen, should Nashville not match the offer, and Weber becomes a Flyer:

Timonen – Weber
Coburn – Meszaros
L. Schenn – Grossmann

Due to the health of Timonen, and to keep him healthy all year, it may be best to switch Meszaros and Timonen, especially with the chemistry Timonen has with Coburn. If you ask me, this is one of the most dangerous defensive lineups I’ve seen in a long time. Plus the Flyers still have Gervais, who was signed during this offseason, and Andreas Lilja, although will most likely be playing in the AHL this year for the most part, is not a terrible backup for a 3rd pair/ 7th defenseman. It also seems like the Flyers fan base think it’s a fair trade off, (giving up four 1st round draft picks) especially since Mr. Holmgren has a habit of trading 1st rounder’s away anyway (ex. Chris Pronger).

All in all, this could be a very positive thing for Flyers, even if Nashville does the unthinkable and match the Flyers offer. This is due to the fact that I think Shane Doan will still be a free agent, and the Flyers will offer him a mega deal if Weber is not a Flyer by this time next week, and offer that he will not be able to refuse. Although it won’t solve the Philadelphia Flyers defensive problems, Doan brings offensive skills and leadership to the table, something the Flyers still desperately need with Chris Prongers future still up in the air.

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