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Oiler Q&A

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In my travels, I come across a lot of information, and most of it turns out to be wrong. So, in a personal quest to continue the trend of putting out wrong opinions, innuendo and vile gossip, I decided to write my first blog, and give you my opinion on certain issues. Of course, I will not know the answers about what will happen with the Oilers on Trade Deadline day, no one does.

Now, I know nothing in particular, these are just opinions, and personal ones at that. As I am writing about the Edmonton Oilers, I should maintain the tradition of making fun of the maple leafs and their fans, but not today. I have enough material for that one to write ten blogs, so I will save them instead for the future.

Presently on Sportsnet, there is a web feature where fans can post their questions to the panel for Trade Deadline day, and I decided that it would be far easier for me to answer these questions myself, rather than rant or rave about nothing in particular, or perish the though, actually take up time to come up with my own subject. So, a quick copy and paste, and a few keystokes, instant article. I love the Internet...

Do you think the Oilers will part with Linus Omark??? With Hemsky possibly staying, does that push Omark out of the future plans?
by MagnusHallberle at 2/26/2011 1:51:30 AM5:51 PM

Yes. Of the "big four" Omark is the most likely to go, and he will be the "key prospect" if there is a major trade within the next three days. He will never be in the top 6, there just is not room for him, and it's a waste to keep him and his possible talent on the 3rd line. He has pretty good value at the moment, and I do not see him in the long term plans of the Oilers.
I expected him to be better this year, and I think so did the Oilers. After the deadline, I expect he may be sent back down to the Barons, to learn how to play in his own zone, and also to help the Barons make the playoffs, which seems to be more important to the organization than the Oilers making the playoffs.

what does the panel think of the leafs offering carl gunnarson, nazem kadri and the philadelphia 1st rounder for dustin penner to edmonton, even trade in my mind. The leafs would be getting a big talented power-forward to play with Kessel and Bozak and Edmonton would be getting 3 young additions to there young growing team, what do you guys think?
by Stevey B at 2/26/2011 12:49:14 AM4:49 PM

Likely the Sportsnet Panel will be making fun of you on national TV on Monday is what I think will happen.

What is Steve Tambellini waiting for in regards to trading Strudwick or Vandemeer? Also how about trading one of the smaller forwards not in the future plans like Brule or Cogliano or Reddox, all similar players to make room for new faces next year? Also I would keep Hemsky but move Penner, what do you guys think?
by OilerFanWondering at 2/26/2011 12:19:19 AM4:19 PM

Tambi (or Bambi as maybe I should now call him) is doing absolutely nothing. It's already been stated by far better people than I that he is taking calls, but not making them. Spector's term for him was "sluggish", but from my point of view, there must be someone there at Oilers HQ who's sole job is to walk into Tambi's office every few hours, and poke him with a stick just to see if he is still alive or not. A couple players will be gone, but only if it's a decent offer (in other words, a overpayment, like Staios last year)

Is there any chance the Oilers will be able to get Kyle Clifford from the Kings as part of a the package for Hemsky? The kid is young, tough, and mean which is what the Oilers need to protect their young guns.
by Kevin M at 2/26/2011 12:18:30 AM4:18 PM

Funny enough, Spector also called Lombardi "dithering" so I think we all know the answer there. I actually can see it, fine prospect, but come on, it's the Kings. Lombardi likes to horde his prospects, and considering how the Kings have been playing the last 10 games, he may not even be willing to give up Clifford. Of course, you never know, the big Oiler wet dream has the words "Schenn" in them, but I think LA would want to be at least kissed first before they grab their ankles and trade him.

does anyone think hemskey or penner will be traded?
by Mac Michaud at 2/25/2011 9:21:52 PM1:21 PM

Who the hell knows? If we had a GM other than Tambellini, then it makes sense to trade one of them, but, we have Tambellini...
He wants a grand slam here, and a excessive price. I would say it's unlikely he will get it from LA, and a lot of other teams for that matter, BUT, there are a couple teams that are in big trouble here, and I am looking squarely at Pittsburgh. Sellers market out there, so Tambellini may be lucky and reel in a sucker desperate to keep his job. I have seen around the net that the Oilers would rather keep Penner rather than Hemsky, but I think it's the other way around, to drive up the value of Penner more than anything.
I actually would give odds of 50/50 that one or the other will be traded.

Now that Montreal got some help on defense,they are still not big enough up front,they should go after penner,Kositsyn and a second round pick.
by Stephen Greer at 2/25/2011 8:52:39 PM12:52 PM

No, not for that offer.

Should the Oilers trade Penner or Hemsky if the return is only picks and prospects?
by JamesChuk at 2/25/2011 7:52:59 PM11:52 AM

It has already been stated several times, it has to be a MAJOR prospect for that to happen. Penner maybe you can get that kind of return, but with Hemsky you would have to add a NHL level player on top of that. The Oilers are looking for a first line center, and a top 2 defense man, or a prospect that will be at that level.
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