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Hello ranger fans and well hockey fans in general. My name is Ian and when it comes to hockey especially the rangers i have a lot to say.

Lets get started with talking about the insanely ridiculous contract of Wade Redden. As if giving him 6.5 million dollars a year isn't bad enough, (when watching him 82+ games a year he is clearly worth 1.5-2.4 million area), Sather had to go ahead and give him the 6.5 million every year for six years and sadly we are only two years in. The question now that everyone wants to know is when will he finally admit his mistake and bury him in the minors or at least buy him out, maybe find a trade.

The options we know are really three things starting with the most unlikely a trade. The trade is unlikely because the contract is one of the worst in history. I know all ranger fans will agree. The only possible one i could of seen them taking was shipping him off to Edmonton for the unhappy Sheldon Souray along with a second round pick. Sather has worked miracles to get himself out of his gross overpaid players like the Gomez deal that cleared cap space for Gaborik, but the difference is Gomez Brought something to the table.

The next option is buying him out. This could work but i believe will still not happen because of the two-thirds cap hit that will still be in effect for many years. The positive side though is it would still leave about 2 millionish left for another defenseman and with people like Anton Babchuck and Kurtis Foster getting under 2 and well above reddens skill level it could work.

The most likely and most simple option we haven't discussed is to bury him into the minors. This makes a lot of sense for many reasons such as the fact that this is New York one of the biggest sports markets in the world and especially in the NHL so they can afford to pay a minor leaguer that much money. One thing i heard from several hockey experts is that they say burying him in the minors makes the organization look bad. I think Wade Redden has done more then enough underachieving to make that an non-factor and i believe it sends a message saying you don't live up to your expectations you don't belong here, and i don't know when New York started to allow this to go on. The fans boo him every night because of his lack of production and that 6.5 million could be spent for a top 3 forward to support Gaborik. Sather knows it, the fans know it so its time something be done or the New York Rangers will be waiting along time to hoist the cup again which as a fan makes me very sad and i don't understand why something is not done.

The only question now is will sather finally admit to his mistakes? or make us suffer for 4 more years? That's all for now i hope you enjoyed my blog and will add me as a friend and read more of my blogs to come. have a great weekend everyone.
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