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I know i know, it's ridiculous, Darcy Regeir would never sign anyone to a double digit year contract, i also know that he only pays his homegrown players the big bucks, and i know the Kovalchuck might not be the most complete player in the NHL, but do you know what the Sabres could do?

Throw a bone to thier fans, and
Have a bona fide star on thier team and
add 40 goals a year to thier totals.

They have the cap room, and can you imagine the top line with the big K in it?

Vanek - Roy - Kovalchuck.

Vanek had 28 goals in an off year, Roy had 26 goals in an average year, and Ilya had 41 in an average year, 115 goals on one line? Yes please.

Not to mention how this could affect the rest of the lines, Give me connelly - pomminville- and ennis for a second line, Neidermeyer - Hecht- Grier line 3 and Gaustad- Kaleta and Fill in the blank on the fourth? That is much more the kind of team i'm looking for, a stud first line, a threat for a second line, and shutdown third that can chip in, and a fourth that (if gaustad decides to hit again) can rough people around, done and done.

all this with one (albeit expensive) player. So i say:

Give me goals or give me death!!!
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