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The countdown begins.... August 15th approaches us & no Kaberle move yet. Don't think for one second that Burke doesn't have a trick or two left up his sleeve. With just over 2 weeks left until Kaberle's No-No Claus, expect talks to heat up in great fashion.

Who Burke can get for Kaberle......

The most frequently mentioned by fans are Penner (EDM), Ryan (ANA), Neal (DAL) & Clowe (SJS).

1) Dustin Penner - We all know how much Burke loves Penner's size and skills. Edmonton pulled off the RFA signing, pulling Penner out of Burke's grasp. Burke was given 3 draft picks for the deal based under the NHL's policy on salary given to a RFA. Needless to say, Burke won't be inviting Kevin Lowe on a fishing trip any time soon after that move but don't take an Edmonton-Toronto trade for Penner deal out of the options. Edmonton has an abundance of wingers they could possibly trade if Hall, Eberle, Omark & Paajarvi-Svensson all crack the lineup. With Penner's 63 pts last season with Brule & Gagner, he would be a major asset playing with Phil Kessel.

2) Bobby Ryan - I don't like saying this but the signing of Bobby Ryan is next to impossible. He has reportedly turned down a $5 million a year offer from the Ducks. If Burke offered him a slightly inflated contract, he would have to give a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd round pick to the Ducks. (A first round pick that is currently in the Bruins' back pocket) A sign & trade for Ryan is very unlikely.

3) James Neal - Burke is kind of in the same boat with Neal as he is with Ryan. He is a RFA who will be getting Dallas picks if he signs a new contract with another team. With 92 pts in 155 NHL games, Neal is a promising candidate for Burke's lackluster frontline. A sign & trade is very unlikely.

4) Ryane Clowe - Burke has expressed his interest in Ryane Clowe & with Blake retired, the Sharks are in need of a offensive blueliner.... Let's see if Burke can make the move without adding Schenn or Kadri into the mix.

There has been a lot of questions about Mikhail Grabovski's future with the Leafs Organization by Leaf fans. Is Grabovski going as a package deal with Kaberle or should Burke try to unload his $2.9 million cap hit for a future draft pick?

Thank you for joining me on my first blog....

Jarrett Gordon
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