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JPDucks writes...

The Ducks are about to Trade

Posted Monday | Comments 0
I haven't posted in some time because I've been busy at work (let's be honest, we all do this at work) but I felt the need to post this one. [i]The Ducks are about to make a trade[/i]... While I do not have confirmation from the team the writing appears to be on the wall. The Anaheim Ducks have announced that they have signed Bruno St. Jacques to a one-year deal (...
Everyone is back from their Christmas break, and getting into the rythm of the hockey season again- except for the Sharks, who looked like their heads were still in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle. They came out with one of their poorest efforts yet, getting shut out for the 5th time this season and losing an important 2 points needed to pull ahead of Los Angele...


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