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First blog on here, but have been following HockeyBuzz/Eklund's site since almost day one. I admit though, that I do not follow MyHockeyBuzz, so I hope I'm not stepping on the toes of other writers with these points. I've been following hockey since I can remember (possibly even while in the womb), and I love it for millions of reasons. I love the sport side of it, th...
So the Cup has been skated, the ice has been taken up, and the Zamboni's put in storage. In most respects, this is a sad time for me. I love the game, and wish it would go on year-round. But there is an up-side to the off-season. There is a distinct list of overused hockey cliches that incite bleeding from my aural canals and cause migraines that ache with the intens...
I wrote earlier in my first blog about how the ratings etc. are not always what they appear, especially considering the total lack of any traditional/large US markets in the Stanley Cup Finals over the past four years compared to the other three major team sports. I also mentioned, however, that certain things are just getting messed up by the NHL. Hence my surprise las...


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