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So, who's the best person to take over as NHLPA Head Honcho? Here are some ideas.... - Pierre Maguire - Pete Rose - Rene Rencourt - Marvin Miller - Condolezza Rice - Eklund - D[i][/i]ick Cheney - Eliot Spitzer - SpongeBob SquarePants - Sean Avery - Jim Balsille - Brett Favre - Alan Eagleson I know y'all are a lot smarter than I am, so let the suggestions fly...[i] Read More »
I wrote this on a now-defunct blog site over two years ago, and re-posted it here about a year ago. After seeing the Chad Larose video review at the end of tonight's Game 2 against Boston, I'm re-re-posting it... .well.... [url=http://my.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?user_id=827&post_id=5145]a link to it[/url] at least..... And just so y'all know, I'm gonna KEEP posting it until they get things figu... Read More »

Overhauling Video Review

Posted April 26, 2008
The following originally appeared at [url=http://www.checkingline.com/2007/01/19/overhauling-video-review/][i]The Checking Line[/i][/url] in January of 2007. Because of a great conversation in the Chat room with Ek, Scoop and others tonight, I've decided to re-post it here. [quote]So I'm sitting here watching the Vancouver/Buffalo game. An apparent goal scored by Drew Stafford was waved off (a... Read More »
[i]Since the blogger contest got delayed due to circumstances out of anyone's control, thought I'd put out here what I wrote. I'll be working up a new one by then...[/i] "The Hockey Blog version of the NIT" As you all know the fine folks at HockeyBuzz pored over hundreds of blogs submitted for the "Next Great Blogger" contest, and had the tough task of narrowing them down to the best 64. S... Read More »

Hockey Humo(u)r: Must-See TV

Posted April 6, 2008
The final day of the regular season is upon us. This weekend provided some of the most exciting hockey in recent memory. There are still some playoff matchups to be determined, some fine-tuning of lines to be done, some "messages to be sent". (Damn, gotta save that one for my next cliche blog... write that down...) As I look to Sunday's slate of games, I see some interesting matchups. Som... Read More »

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