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Hello fellow-hockey fans, Well, we are coming up to September rather quickly, and just under a few weeks we will all witness the birth of another NHL season. I, honestly, don't know what to expect. There were a lot of off season moves that seemed to shift the pendulum in favor of different teams strength-wise. The examples are all around us. The Avalanche picking up...
Finally a deal is done and Center ice is here... But there is just 1 problem.. Want NHL NETWORK? well you wont get it with center ice.. thats right.. you gotta fork another 5 bucks over a month for the sports tier of trash to just see nhl network. NHL Network however wont be available til later this month. The Cablevision Ripoff Continues..
Not sure if the channel is the same in all areas but for Comcast in Mass it is on channel 259
dtaild writes...

NHL Network on Cablevision

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Just found this info looking around this morning...Google is your friend "Effective Thursday, October 18, 2007, the NHL Network will be available on channel 401 as part of the iO Sports Pak and on channel 429 as part of the NHL Center Ice seasonal sports package. NHL Network will be available in all service areas (except Woodbury Spectrum--Oak Beach, Gilgo Beach and Dom...
Those of us living in Buffalo looking for the NHL Network on Time Warner Cable (TWC) will be waiting a while. According to the following story in [u]Business First[/u] on Monday, October 8, TWC cites lack of room and bandwidth for the unavailability of the NHL Network in one of the top viewing markets in the U.S. for the NHL. As some of you may know, TWC recently droppe...
As stated by various sources the NHL network will be available in the WNY area by the end of the month. It is supposed to be channel 90 for Time Warner customers. If you go to the channel now it says reserved. Finally Time Warner has done something right.
TWC announced on October 31 that the NHL Network is now available on channel 171 in Buffalo! Also, Versus HD is now available on channel 771. Enjoy!
For those who haven't noticed, NHL Network (SD and HD) has launched on DirecTV channel 215 and it is automatically available to anyone who purchases the NHL Center Ice Package through DirecTV. If you do not have Center Ice, you can still receive the NHL Network with a subscription through the "Choice Xtra" package.
About a month ago, cable and satellite TV providers began airing the NHL Network in the US. It is only $5 extra dollars on my cable provider for the Sports Pack which included the NHL Network and a few other Fox Sports channels. At first I treated it as a trial and would decide after a month whether or not it is worth it, but that month is now over and I have made my choic...
for gerz et all, there are two sites on the internet from which you can steam sports from around the world, and i have found them to be streaming quite well (minimal to no lagging or buffering) this season. In terms of the Senators, for games that our usual channels are not broadcasting, you will be able to watch the feed from the opponents home tv station. here are ...


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