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Just because Detroit lost this year, doesn't mean it won't happen again within the next 5 years with the solid core of players signed through that time period. Hossa needs to quit chasing the dream and settle down with a winning team. I don't blame him for jumping ship last year on the Penguins. At that time, Detroit was the better team and every player was coming back the next season. However... Read More »
(Bettman on the phone) "Well, no one seemed to stand out as much as in the past so just make Kovalev the MVP so the fans won't riot....." (pause as the person on other end of the phone is talking) "....I know St. Louis had the same stats and a higher plus minus...." (other end again) ".... Yes, Tim Thomas had the highest save percentage among goalies and made some great saves, but w... Read More »
I know I am looking ahead, but the next 20 games will go by quickly and then we (as fans) will be looking at the last 10 games to see if Boston can clinch a playoff spot. Lets be honest, it won't happen before this because the race to the playoffs all year has been tighter than (insert joke here). Here are the last ten games Boston plays, all but 2 against division rivals: Mar 16 @WAS... Read More »


Posted January 27, 2008
Mark Recchi :) Read More »

NHL's First All Star Weekend - 1990

Posted January 27, 2008
I came across this video that shows when the NHL expanded the All-Star Game to an All-Star Weekend. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcloVGwI80Q[/url] After watching, bring back the original events! That crowd is really into it. Read More »

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