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Newman writes...

Rocket Robyn Regehr

Posted Monday | Comments 2
Let’s do some role-play. Robyn Regehr plays Maverick , Jordan Leopold is Goose, and Dion Phaneuf is the Iceman. Maverick and Goose were a great pair, as documented, but once Goose was blown up (traded) Maverick has never been able to find that perfect wingman. “You can be my wingman anytime.” Iceman finally accepts Maverick, and vice-versa, at the end of Top ...
Newman writes...

Robyn Regehr to Buffalo?

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
What a day for hockey fans! Regehr could be headed to Buffalo if he agrees to waive his no trade clause. What does this mean for the Flames? Come to TSR to read more: http://www.thesportsroundup.com/2011/06/bye-bye-birdie-robyn-on-his-way-out-of.html Newman twitter/TSRNewman
Newman writes...

Regehr and Tanguay

Posted Monday | Comments 0
Robyn is gone. Tanguay is back and the Flames no longer have to worry about Ales Kotalik sucking it up on the ice. Come to TSR where I look at what the impact of the both the trade and the signing mean to the Flames http://www.thesportsroundup.com/2011/06/regehr-traded-and-tanguay-signs.html Newman twitter.com/TSRNewman
Newman writes...

The Newest Flames

Posted Monday | Comments 0
Who are Paul Byron and Chris Butler? Most Calgarians have no idea. Well here is a closer look with the help of a Buffalo Sabres expert that gives us some more insight on what we can expect from the two players the Flames got in return for Robyn Regehr. http://www.thesportsroundup.com/2011/06/chris-butler-and-paul-byron-newest.html Newman twitter.com/TSRNewman
Making the assumption that Darcy Regier has stopped tinkering, and by tinkering I mean doing it with a sledgehammer, the Sabres have their team set for the 2011-12 NHL season. The only exceptions to this being signing Enroth, Gragnani, and Weber. The final spot on the roster I probably foresee being designated to bringing up one of the forwards from Rochester. Luke Adam ha...


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