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Well, once again, I have drunk enough tequila to write a blog complaining about the NHL's inability to locate competent on ice officials to run it's games. This past week, two game deciding goals were scored on plays that should have been blown dead by one of the four on-ice officials. The first was San Jose vs Detroit. The Sharks scored a goal that clearly hit the ...
An article in the current (April 8, 2008) issue of [b]The Hockey News[/b] announced that certain officials may very well decline to work this year's playoffs. [quote][i]"Some veterans, who are winding down their careers, are expected to take a pass on the playoffs to allow younger referees and linesmen to work the post-season."[/i][/quote] Naturally, the league hasn't re...
[img]http://www.welive2ski.com/20080415_4318-.jpg[/img] Disappointment! Well here we are again folks, falling again to a very beatable opponent! When looking back, the flames gave an alright effort but nothing more then that. When Playing against a team like Nashville with its shut down back end we need to be in the offensive zone most of the time. Like I sa...


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